I offer Lustre paper  in different sizes.

This paper type I recommended most. Lustre has the color saturation of glossy paper but with the fingerprint resistance of matte. Lustre also does not have the glare that is associated with glossy paper. Lustre is a professional-grade surface printed on Kodak Professional Endura paper which is materially 'thicker,' or heavier, than consumer paper.

Digital Downloads

  A digital download is simply a copy of the image file. 

High Resolution (4Mpix) - suitable for printing small size photos. 

Web Size 640 x 480 (up to 0.3 Mpix) and Low Resolution (1Mpix) - suitable for displaying on Smartphones, posting on blogs etc...

Below is the sample of actual size 640 x 480 image.

Untitled photo

To achieve high quality prints all of my files processed on a calibrated monitor. I would not guarantee the same high quality print if you use Costco, Target or similar facility for printing. They sell photo paper. I sell my vision, creativity and expertise.

All  prints come with a guarantee: if you are not satisfied with your print I will re-print or offer a refund. Simply send an email to me within 30 days of receiving your order.

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